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Same-day dryer repair of all well known brands. Of any power source: natural gas dryer, propane gas dryer or electric dryer. Residential and Commercial.  Convenient scheduling online and by text message.

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TSSA Gas Contractor

Fully certified in gas appliances service, repair & installation

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Types of Gas or Electric Dryers We Repair

Our DNC Appliance Repair technicians are licensed gas fitters with current and updated Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) certificates.

Reliable dryer repair in Barrie, Simcoe County, Toronto and GTA is completed quickly by skilled technicians from DNC Appliance Repair. Appointments made at your convenience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for no extra charge. Easy scheduling can be handled over the phone, text or online form.

Same-Day Dryer Repair

DNC Appliance Repair takes pride in helping each customer manage a difficult situation. We understand the challenges of fitting a service call into your busy schedule, so we’ll do our best to do the work at your convenience. Our certified technicians can accommodate same-day service appointments to get your dryer fixed quickly. No need to haul your wet clothes to the Laundromat, schedule appointment online, call or text DNC Appliance Repair today.

DNC Appliance Repair provides outstanding, quality dryer repair service to our customers. We have been providing the highest level of expertise, employing a senior staff with years of experience in this category of appliance repair. All of the training that our technicians undergo is ongoing, ensuring that they have the knowledge to work on the most advanced, latest models on the market. Through this commitment, we ensure that our services continue to be exemplary.

RED TAG REMOVAL: Is your GAS appliances shut off by Union Gas or Enbridge suppliers due to a RED TAG, we are fully licensed and authorized to turn it back on the spot.

Common Dryer Issues

Common Dryer Replacement Parts

Typical parts include:

There are several common dryer replacement parts needed for new and older models. Each service vehicle is well-stocked with inventory, so in most cases your dryer will be fixed the same day.

Common Questions About Refrigerators

Size and capacity. While considering you need at least one inch between a washer and dryer for adequate air circulation and 6 inches of depth for connections and venting, measure how much room is available. To determine capacity, the dryer should be twice that of your washer.

Yes, components will wear out faster, and it will be noisier if it’s not leveled properly.

Most dryers take about 45 minutes to run a full cycle. Clean out the venting system if clothes are still damp after that time.

Avoid overloading your dryer, and keep the venting system clean.

Dryer Maintenance Tips

Large, radiator-type coils are located at the back or bottom of your refrigerator. They remove heat from the appliance but are less efficient when dust and dirt accumulate on them. Vacuum them off twice a year.

It’s easy to forget that your dryer vents to the outside via a long venting tube and that lint and debris can collect inside. Reduce the risk of fire hazard by cleaning from the inside of the dryer to the outside vent cap with a long cleaning brush. This should be done once a year.

Regularly walk outside to make sure your dryer’s vent cap has proper air flow. Clear snow build-up, leaves, dirt and shrubbery away from the exhaust area. Carbon monoxide can build-up and pose a health threat to you and your family. This will keep your dryer running safely and efficiently.

Lint build-up inside your dryer is common and should be cleaned out annually. Replacement filters can be purchased to ensure your dryer always has proper air flow.

The age of your dryer should have no effect on drying time. If your dryer takes longer to dry clothes thoroughly, it could mean there is a clog in the vent. Clean out equipment as soon as possible.